Randomly Healthy – Week 1

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RHweek1thumbThis is week 1 of a new segment, Randomly Healthy. It’s really slightly shorter than a week since I started this Monday and each week will end Saturday when I edit and upload the video.

As I was getting ready to edit Episode 13, it became clear to me that it was time to make some changes to improve my health. Not that I hadn’t noticed before, but I guess something really woke me up as I stared at my double chin. (You’re going to go watch for that now, aren’t you?)

In the last year alone I have gained over 10 lbs. I was once one of those who could eat anything and not gain a pound. But, in the last few years, that has given way to gaining 45 lbs. over the last 5 years. If not for the occasional diet here and cleanse there, that number would likely be much higher.

I am particularly concerned with the way I’ve been gaining weight due to my family history and health concerns, but in much more superficial terms I am tired of having to buy new clothes every few months. I also hope to gain more energy and reduce the aches and pains I’ve been having. What’s that saying? “I’m too damn young to feel this damn old.”

So, to help me stay motivated, I am taking you all on this journey with me. I’ll be doing daily videos (which I’ll edit into weekly summaries) on my progress and sharing every detail I can, if not in the video, then here on my blog. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

I plan to post a new video every Monday recapping each week. I see this being a continuous series as this will be a life change, not a diet.

This video and the associated blog post can be found at http://randomconsiderations.com/randomly-healthy-week-1

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