Kearney Raceway – July 4th Weekend – Episode 45

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At least once a year I try to make it up to Nebraska to watch my Uncle race the hot rod he and my Grandpa have been building and rebuilding together for around 5 years now. They do most of their racing at Kearney Raceway (Kearney, NE), but when the season goes well enough, they often move up to the bigger races in Topeka, KS.

This year I went up to Nebraska with my mom on July 4th weekend. The Reeve Team won 2 trophies, but lost what appeared to be a water pump on their final run. All in all it was a good weekend at the track and they won a little bit of cash that will no doubt go towards repairs. They seem well on their way to getting another go at Topeka this year!

This video was thrown together with some of the few shots I took of the weekend. I would say it’s more of a practice with my editing software than a vlog of the weekend. I chose to spend my trip visiting and enjoying my family more.

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