“I Swear By My Pretty Floral Bonnet I Will End You.”

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Actually, I’m far more likely to have a meal with you. In fact, the likelihood you would ever see me in a floral bonnet is fairly slim. But hopefully you all get the reference and have a vague inkling of where I’m going with this article.

floralbonnet_smallI, as an avid Firefly fan, stumbled upon a foodie blog called Happy Opu by one of the stars of that show, Jewel Staite. Its a witty little blog mostly about her love of all things food. However, I particularly wanted to share this post where she actually talks about her latest project and the career that she has been pursuing now for the passed…. how many years did she say? It seems like she may have mentioned once or twice. 

I’m inclined to agree with her view on the changes in the entertainment industry. Several years ago I was actively pursuing my own career in “the biz.” In my case, I was specifically focused on staying behind the scenes. I eventually got burned out and financially tapped out. It was hard to actually make a living with it. As with most forms of art, there seems to be a presumption of the masses that the work you put in to create something is somehow less worthy of a monetary reward. (That’s a topic for another post, I’m afraid.) So I did as many do who pursue this line of work and went and got a…. *ahem*…. “real” job.

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But, like the bug that it is, the creativity of creating a visual piece of art as a career choice has been drawing me back and the shifts in the industry are playing a big role in that. It just seems like I can both be creative and able to pay some bills at the same time. And, oh, I do miss my not-quite-27 years in the biz. Put that with the fact that all of the work I put into my “real” job over the last 6 years has lead me right back to where I started and it’s of little wonder I see no real point in pursuing any job just for the money.

So without further adieu, go ahead and click on over to Jewel’s blog post and enjoy. And if you enjoy the occasional foodie blog, I recommend taking a look at her other posts while you’re at it. I hope you enjoy her humor as much as I do.

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