Goal-Oriented Savings Accounts – Episode 40

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thumbI wanted to share the different types of savings accounts that I have currently to plan ahead for costly items and avoid debt. My method is a similar method to the Dave Ramsey “sinking funds” method, if not the same thing (I’m not necessarily a follower of Dave Ramsey nor do I have a 100% knowledge on his teachings… I’m going on what I’ve picked up from others who do follow his methods).

A link for Capital One 360 (unpaid): https://home.capitalone360.com/online-savings-account?external_id=360b_SAV_SS_Static_Z_T

Once completed, the next episode will be linked here: http://randomconsiderations.com/paid-time-off-pto-savings-goal-oriented-savings-episode-41

This video and the associated blog post can be found at http://randomconsiderations.com/goal-oriented-savings-accounts-episode-40/

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