Evangelical Atheists, Peach Blossoms, and Bees – Episode 12

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episode 12 thumbnailAfter coming across something on my personal Facebook feed, I was inspired to share my thoughts on the “evangelical atheist.” As an atheist/skeptic myself, I can relate to what was said but I feel like there is a time and place to share one’s world view and that particular moment wasn’t it.

And, to offset the ‘seriousness’ of the religion topic, I also share with you this year’s peach blossoms in all their beautiful pink glory. Includes a cameo by a friendly neighborhood bee. Yay!!

This video and the associated blog post can be found at http://randomconsiderations.com/evangelical-atheists-peach-blossoms-and-bees-episode-12/

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“Porch Swing Days – faster” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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